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Applying Affect Psychology to improve our understanding of our emotions  

In his book, Dr. Lynch “clarifies and explains how we human beings might better understand ourselves with more patient acceptance of our basic emotions. “ He presents the hugely important work of Dr. Silvan Tomkins in an easy to understand way so that we know “how we might go about having more positive than negative affective (emotional) experiences”.

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Speaking Engagements

  Dr. Lynch is an authority on Affect Psychology, having written many books on the subject and employed it in his Family Practice in the course of therapy for the betterment of his patient’s lives.

  No matter the behaviour that you wish to alter that is holding you back from getting to where you want to be, Affect Theory can help, and Dr. Lynch is willing to share with your group how the change you seek can be obtained using his methods.

  Groups that would benefit from Dr. Lynch’s talks would include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Weight-Watchers, or other over-eating support groups.  Additionally any counsellors, whether they be licensed clinical psychologists or educational guidance counsellors, would benefit from hearing about this universally effective approach.

  Dr. Lynch lives and works in the Chicago area, but under the right circumstances would be willing to book out-of -town or even out-of-country speaking engagements.  

  If you belong to any group that you suspect could derive benefit from having Dr. Lynch share his highly-effective approach, feel free to contact him via email or phone to discuss it further.

  Dr. Lynch views at least two approaches to topic formation: “One is to trust me when I say that I believe that the material I present is universally applicable to life situations as it deals with our most generic responses and feelings to situations. It can therefore help us better understand intra familial, business and political situations. The reader can then opt to let me give a basic talk on the basics or I can tailor the basics to the group after some discussion with the organizers. That is one option.

The second option is to give a much more specific talk on a subject that would still use these basic ideas but again it would be more thematic. I have presented on such topics as:”

       -  A Way to view "School Shootings" so as to have a universal perspective on them,

          and like shootings, thereby having a real basis for prevention.

        - Violence as a medical issue.

        - Restorative Justice.

        - Death and dying.

        - Addiction.

        - Employer-employee relations.

        - A Map to Break an Unwanted Habit

        - How Affect Theory can be Incorporated into your Practice

I would finally, then, be open to other suggestions.  -Dr Lynch