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Applying Affect Psychology to improve our understanding of our emotions  

In his book, Dr. Lynch “clarifies and explains how we human beings might better understand ourselves with more patient acceptance of our basic emotions. “ He presents the hugely important work of Dr. Silvan Tomkins in an easy to understand way so that we know “how we might go about having more positive than negative affective (emotional) experiences”.

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Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies



I hope you enjoy this site.

I added this introduction as it might be somewhat overwhelming to just look at the board.

I want, of course, to promote participation.

This is a problem as I fear many think they are not "expert" enough, but I say we are all experts in this material. We are all experts in mind and body. We know our own mind and body.

All that said please read the introduction that is below. It is also found on the discussion board.

Although you, of course, may read the board in any order you wish, I would hope that you would, along with the introduction, also look under "Readings and getting started."


AFFECT THEORY -Psychohistory -Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies


Welcome! This board has been around a few years but has been only in “reading” mode so we are starting over after a fashion. If there are any problems please email me at  drbplynch@aol.com.

When you register I do have to “approve” you by clicking on a link.

Now why does this board exist? The Internet as we know it came up about 12 years ago and I was on line pretty early. That is not very long ago. But oh how much has happened!

Shortly after coming online I ran into Don Nathanson’s bulletin board and that changed my life and if you want to know why this exists that is why. His no longer exists. This is somewhat like his but different of course as it is mine.

The major difference is that although the major focus is Silvan Tomkins and Affect Psychology I invite anyone to comment, as Don did, as I so respected his open style. I especially invite anyone from the disciplines of “Psychohistory” and/or “Humiliation and Human Dignity Studies”.

The first, as I was introduced to the work of Lloyd DeMause through Nathanson’s board and find his work seminal in the annals of pediatrics and child rearing, he is a genius. His work gives Affect Theory and Psychology a home, a space - historically and contemporarily.

The other group is Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies. I met Evelin Linder over a year and a half ago and have now traveled half way around the world with her. Her take on humiliation and insights are unique. She is quite familiar with Silvan Tomkins. Her “down-to-earth” approach and dedication to illuminating humiliation is world class.

So in the spirit of what Tomkins calls mutualizing interest I hope that many conversations will ensue.

Tomkins lovers, Human Dignity loves and Psychohistory lovers please come together here if you wish and exchange ideas with the understanding that no one else is excluded: a community of learners. Again no one else is excluded. This is so important to emphasize in fact it might be the case that most of the participants will turn out to have never to have heard of any of the above groups after all when I came to Don Nathanson’s group I had not heard of him! So if you come across this please consider joining in!

Emotional Medicine

Brian Lynch, M.D.



Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies


Silvan Tomkins