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Applying Affect Psychology to improve our understanding of our emotions  
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Dr. Brian Lynch clarifies and explains how we human beings might better understand ourselves with more patient acceptance of our basic emotions. I have found Dr. Lynch's approach helpful personally, and have shared his insights with others who also find his ideas helpful. Dr. Lynch is most proficient in the art of communication that conveys a compassionate understanding of how we might go about having more positive than negative affective (emotional) experiences - an imbalance we all seek! His original and crisp methods of presentation also provide a delightful medium to learn about the many practical insights he shares with readers about what it means to be a more (rather than less) positively affective human being."

- Jim Duffy, Ph.D., Psychologist

Brian Lynch represents a tradition as old as medicine itself - the physician who takes care to learn how to treat some of the most difficult patients in his community. He's working on a book that can make available to a wider audience much of what he teaches his patients, thus allowing a greater number of people to profit from what he has learned and developed. If Dr. Lynch has his way, more and more medical clinicians will be able to handle cases now thought untreatable, and that will be good for everybody

Dr. Nathanson, M.D., Psychiatrist. Author: (1992), Shame and Pride: Affect, Sex, and the Birth of the Self, New York: W. W. Norton & Co.Shame and Pride: Affect,

"... all in all your steps to emotional health strike me as very helpful. We surely should make every effort to know ourselves, as emotional and thinking beings.you make a wonderful effort at getting people to try."

Eva Brann Tutor Emeritus St. John's College, Annapolis, Md. National Medal of Arts recipient 2005.

Thanks for sharing your book with me Brian. I have enjoyed reading it immensely. It's a book to be read thoroughly and several times. It has made me think of so many things about my own life.

Gabriela Ortiz-Monasterio, Mother & puppeteer

Dr Lynch has the gift of clear, uncomplicated communication. He presents the hugely important work of Silvan Tomkins in a way that anyone can comprehend. He provides an access key to understanding the complexity of our emotions, so crucial to those in need of change and personal development. Compulsive reading.

Brian J. Nuttall MSc. PG. Dip. Psychotherapy British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy Accredited Counsellor United Kingdom Registered Counsellor

Dr. Lynch has a unique grasp of the pith of Tomkin’s work. He weaves his interactions with clients into Tomkins ideas in a way that makes the work very accessible and meaningful.

Lauren Abramson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Dear Brian,

    ... many thanks for your book. Almost every page is a joy to read! Presently I am at Ch. 17. It is beautiful, playful at times, insightful all over.

    It must have been a joy to write, too, emotionally and intellectually! The humor, the graphics, differential letter types, paradoxes, blurred letters, shadows of shadows!!! The many sides of human feelings and occasionally wrong-headed rationality!

    Above all, your book convinced me totally of the primacy of feeling that I "discovered" quite a while ago by thinking about values. I will be in a much better position to further discuss this subject.

    What is more, my life, which has been reasonably well most of the time, probably will change for the better ...  I think I now understand myself and others much better. I hope to become a better teacher also, ....  I will read and "study" the 12 steps a second time, because they cover quite a distance that one cannot be taken in just one stride...

Reimon Bachika, Professor of sociology, Bukkyo University; President, ISA (International Sociological Association) RC 07 Futures Research, Kyoto, Japan,

Dear Brian,

    We met in December at the humiliation studies Conference at Columbia... I find it quite wonderful, clearly unique in the twelve-step movement, and a real treasure- waiting-to-be-found within that movement. How helpful, and horizon- expanding for the world-view among twelve-steppers! I wish for it much success, which means that many people would enrich their lives through the path you chart, and have felt like a bit of a dud at thinking of ways to help this to happen! I think perhaps promotion/ marketing is not one of my strengths, and I think that connecting with someone who is strong in this area would help your book become as well-read as I think it should be! ....

Mike Britton

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Dr. Lynch gives speeches! Click for details...